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Dhillon’s Spire Bar’s focus is on Comfort, Quality and Community. We take great pride and care when creating our menus and beverages – following our core philosophy of producing exciting crafted ales using a combination of traditional and modern brewing methods.

Beautifully crafted ales with a slight hint of madness.

Our Aim


“At Dhillon’s we wish to offer our personal rendition of beverages and cuisine with an innovative take on traditional methods, always fine produce upholding the legacy of our shared heritage. Moreover, we regard it as a personal challenge to help bring about a revival of Ale and let its distinctive flavours and particular regional character brighten up the world”

Dhillon's Brewery


“Dhillon’s Brewery is an award-winning microbrewery situated in Coventry, the heart of the Midlands. We specialise in beautifully crafted beers with a slight hint of madness! Founded in 2015, we set out with one goal in  mind – To Keep It RE’ALE.”

Following his passion for beautifully crafted beer, our commander-in-chief, Mr Dhillon was joined by our head brewer Pedro, who brought years of experience in brewing and by our brand manager Gordon, who took over the ales and marketing; then, the journey commenced.”

It gives us great pleasure to bring the excitement and enthusiasm of Dhillon’s Brewery to the City Centre, in one of the City’s most iconic buildings that has evoked so many memories.

Dhillon’s Brewery Taphouse is open every Friday from 5pm till late. We are also open for all Coventry City FC home fixtures. Please head to our Facebook page for more information.

For all brewery tour enquiries please email [email protected] or visit www.dhillonsbrewery.com

Let's keep it Re'Ale


Welcome to


Here at Dhillon’s Spire Bar we want one thing – to bring you the most beautifully crafted drinks in Coventry. We’ve built a bar team with over 40 years combined experience behind the bar and our cocktail menu uses every bit of this knowledge.

Our team have created a selection of bespoke cocktails, with recipes that have been meticulously designed to bring out the unique flavours of each component. We use the freshest ingredients to craft unique-in-house syrups and infusions and pair these with premium spirits to create an unforgettable cocktail experience in one of Coventry’s most historic buildings.

At Dhillon’s Spire Bar you’ll find love and meticulous care put into every drink you order, whether that’s a beer that’s been painstakingly designed by our Head Brewer, Pedro, a a limited time, one-week-only special cocktail or your favourite spirit paired with ingredients that bring out what you love about it. We built our bar team for one reason; their passion for making and serving drinks of all varieties.

We also offer some of Coventry’s premier street food from our sister bar, the Sky Blue Tavern, delivered fresh to your table, as well as putting on events all through the week.

Dhillon’s Spire Bar Management

Dal Dhillon | Pedro Oliveira



From craft beer, rich red wines, gourmet coffee to cocktails with only the freshest ingredients and premium spirits.



Great food – Straight to your table! We’ve paired up with our sister bar to bring you some of the best street food in Coventry.



We’ve staged a variety of events over the years, showcasing local musicians, artisans, food sellers and plenty of entertainment.

The Story of the Christchurch Spire


The Beginning


The story of the spire begins in the early 13th Century, when the Earl of Chester, Ranulf de Blondeville, authorised Franciscan monks to erect a monastery on his Cheylesmore Manor estate – the land beneath your very feet. This monastery became known as Greyfriars, named after their grey robes 

In 1234, King Henry III gifted timber to build the monastic Greyfriars church and the estate was enlarged again in 1289 when more land was gifted to the monastery by, Roger de Monalt, Earl of Chester.

As a landmark building even in its day, the Greyfriars Church, which would have likely stood as a simple wooden structure, became the resting place of the very first Mayor of Coventry, John Ward in 1348.

The construction of the tower you see before you didn’t begin until 1359 when the Black Prince allowed the monks to take stone from his quarries. The newly constructed tower and spire formed the centre of the Church of Greyfriars.

Let’s jump to nearly 200 years to the tyrannical Tudor. In the 16th Century, when Rome rejected King Henry VIII’s second divorce, he set to create the Church of England and the Friary became victim to the dissolution of the monasteries and demolished in 1542. Thankfully the tower and spire were spared.

A few years later, the spire atop the tower was blown down during a storm, and the top of the tower was remodelled without a spire.

The lone standing spire was later restored in the 17th and 18th century serving a number of purposes throughout the years, including a storehouse and a pigsty until 1829, when the Christchurch was built around it.

The Christchurch stood for little over 100 years until it was raised to the ground during WWII and the intense bombing campaign by Nazi Germany on 10 April 1941. Once again, the tower and spire survived and the site was restored in 1970 by the Coventry Corporation.

This spire stands today as a daily reminder of Coventry’s heritage, standing at 211 feet, it’s the shortest of the three spires of the iconic Coventry skyline.



  • Dave was extraordinarily generous, sharing lots of great information about the city. Lots of pride in this place and its history. If you’d like to raise a glass to Coventry, there’s no better place than Dhillons!

    Ian McPherson Avatar Ian McPherson
    June 1, 2023

    I am just passing by and this is the spot, the bartenders were sooooo nice, and prepared the best drink ever. I be back

    Joanlyn Quinones Avatar Joanlyn Quinones
    October 1, 2022

    Nice atmosphere, good drinks, not too expensive.

    Suzette Farrelly Avatar Suzette Farrelly
    June 1, 2023
  • Very chill vibes here. Friendly staff and great drinks. What more could you ask for?

    Jordan James Avatar Jordan James
    October 1, 2022

    Great space. Gorgeous bar. Sofia the new assistant manager was very talented and also willing to make custom drinks to your taste. Very rare with cocktail bars now a days. Would recommend for anyone looking for a unique experience. Definitely try the dark chocolate old fashioned

    Man of Aluminium Avatar Man of Aluminium
    June 1, 2023

    Nice cool and refreshing drink today at Dhillons Brewery's Spire Bar, Coventry. Nicely located to allow you sit and watch the time go by. Will be back again soon.

    Philip Woolley Avatar Philip Woolley
    September 1, 2022
  • nicest staff ever, stayed open so we could dance outside love you sofia

    Amber Bradford Avatar Amber Bradford
    June 1, 2023

    Very good selection of beers on tap (The Brut is particularly good) and the food complemented it well (Chicken Tikka Loaded Fries)

    David Wright Avatar David Wright
    January 1, 2023

    Lovely little bar. The cocktails are fantastic, made to a very high standard. Would definitely recommend it

    Lawrence Bradley Avatar Lawrence Bradley
    March 1, 2023